Publish your Capsule today for guaranteed prizes and over $125k in prizes and cash!

Samsung is hosting the Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase. The first 250 Capsules to be approved and published onto the Bixby Marketplace will receive $300 US Samsung Store credit. All Capsules published to the Marketplace before December 9th, 2019 will qualify to win additional cash prizes. In addition, contestants have a chance to have Adam Cheyer (cofounder of Siri,, and the new Bixby) be a mentor to their company. 

About DevJam

Develop and publish a new Bixby Capsule onto the Bixby Marketplace by December 9th, 2019. Follow the steps below to get started.

How to Participate

Step 1:

Sign up for the Bixby DevJam here.

Step 2:

Download the Bixby Developer Studio here and start building your Capsule.

Step 3:

Check out the Bixby Approval Checklist and make sure you meet all the criteria!

Step 4:

Submit your capsule to the Bixby Developer Center for review. 

To win any of the prizes, your Capsule must be approved in the Bixby Marketplace by December 9th, 2019.


Food and Drink

Games and Fun

News and Magazines

Health and Fitness



Movies and TV



Travel and Transportation


Music and Audio

Education and Reference


Business and Finance

Art and Lifestyle





Store Sections

Grand Prize


Approval Deadlines for Raffles:

Week 1: Nov. 3rd

Week 2: Nov. 10th

Week 3: Nov. 17th

Week 4: Nov. 24th

Week 5: Dec. 1st

Plus: Two $500 raffles a week for all approved capsules!

In the Bixby DevJam there are three ways to win. The first 250 Capsules approved in our Marketplace will receive $300 in US Samsung Store Credit (maximum of 4 per developer). Compete for additional cash prizes based on the winning Capsule criteria below, Once your Capsule is submitted and approved onto our Bixby Marketplace you will be automatically entered into our weekly $500 raffle.





Grand Prize Given To The Best Overall Capsule

Two Finalists Will Win Five-Thousand Dollars Each

Five Runners-Up Will Receive One-Thousand Dollars Each

Twenty Store Sections Winners Will Win One-Thousand Dollars Each








Congratulations to the Raffle Winners! 

Week 1: Ryan Jorden & Rob O'Connor

Week 2: Nick Schwab & Adrian Risch

Week 3: Che Armstrong & Piyush Hari

Week 4:  Mark Tucker & Mark Phillips

Week 5: Jonathan Truong & Miguel Menendez

Judging Criteria


How technically advanced is your Capsule?  Does your Capsule highlight the features of the Bixby platform, and set it apart from other Voice AI products?

Is your Capsule radically new or a creative breakthrough within Voice AI?  Or is your capsule similar to other Voice AI products and pre-existing solutions? 

Does your Capsule work consistently?  Does your Capsule present well? 

Does your Capsule have a great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)?  How well designed is your Capsule? How did you incorporate Bixby Views? Is it easy to use or does it require a lot of training to master? 

Technical Innovation





Be sure to join our last scheduled webinar with Bixby Evangelist Roger Kibbe, as he holds an Open Questions Office Hours session!

Title: Bixby Evangelist, Roger Kibbe

Link: Join our last webinar here! 

Date / Time: Tuesday, December 3rd at 11am PST.

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